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Cara Mendapatkan Title Stubborn


How To Get Stubborn TItle

How To Get Stubborn TItle ? read this
This Title is pretty easy to get, actually you can get if before entering **(SAINT HAVEN)
all you have to is to be killed and kill a selected mob in selected dungeons.

Here are the requirements:

Hound Victim – Die by Hound’s hand in Raiders’ Den. (Quite easy because there are two groups of hounds that you can let harass your character without other monsters around.)

Stone Victim – Die by Goblin Slinger’s hand in Forest Sanctuary. (The little blue goblins who throw rocks are the ones to look for.)

Ball Troll – Die by Troll’s hand in Raiders Ambush Point. (They appear later in the second map.)

Afraid of Cattles – Die by Umnod’s hand in Sleeper’s Temple. (Get killed by the final boss.)

Defeated by Orc Gim – (Not verified) Die by Orc Gim’s hand in Prayer’s Resting Place. (a certain quest is required)

Rocking Tread – Die by Ogre’s hand in Road of No Return. (Get killed by the final boss.)

Gobbs Beater – If you kill Gobbs. (Requires side-quest: [Lv.8] Grandpa Goblin’s Complains V, and while the achievement and quest ask you to look for Gosik/Gosuk/Gobbs, the goblin that actually appears in the dungeon is ‘Goblee’. Just kill it and your whole party will get the title.)

Killed by Hound again – Die by Armored Hound’s hand in Sanctuary Core.

Here's the stats For yah:

STR +25
AGI +25
INT +23
VIT +20
Attk Power + 40
Magic Attk + 40
Final Damage + 5

I`m sure this'll help

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